5 ways to write email subject lines that convert

When it comes to email marketing, email subjects that entice the reader are imperative.

Have you ever received an email with a subject line like “Let’s Meet for Brunch”?

You probably knew in the back of your mind that it wasn’t really a friend inviting you to brunch on Sunday, but you couldn’t help but open it to find out. Then you couldn’t help but read on once you opened the email.

Since this is exactly what you want to happen with your emails. Your email subjects NEED to be IRRESISTIBLE.

Here are 5 Tips that Will Help You Write Subject Lines that people can’t help but open:

1.) Stay on Trend

Use Google Trends to find out what is trending right now and is at the forefront of people’s minds. You probably don’t want to make your Subject line political or controversial unless it pertains to your business but this tool can be ultra helpful.  For example, today Starbucks has BOGO on their holiday drinks. I’ve seen this all over Facebook as well. If you have a coaching business, Your email subject line could be “Snagged BOGO at Starbucks and Upleveled”. Then you email could talk about how you grabbed the BOGO at Starbucks and upleveled by making two sales as you sat and drank them. You could also talk about the Grammys the night before, a CD that just dropped, etc. You get the idea.

2.) Be Humorous

I know some people will say that their business is no laughing matter (pun intended) but using humor helps open rates. Check out some of these funny puns and idioms that you can use.



3.) Illustrate Scarcity

people are more likely to buy something that they think is in high-demand and won’t be available for much longer. “Last Chance: 20% ends tomorrow”.

4.) Tell a Story

Do you have a story that your reader will probably relate to? Then tell it! Stories humanize us and are a great way for your readers to get to know you. They also build trust which in turn helps with sales. An email subject example might be “What My Hawaiian Holiday from Hell Taught Me About Business”.

5.) Ask a Question

Lastly, asking your reader a question in the email subject will entice them to open it. A question that hits their pain points like “Why do you keep making the same mistakes?” will draw them in and influence them to read what you have to say since obviously they want to stop making mistakes!

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